Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Orthotic device?

An orthotic device is a special type of insole which is usually worn inside footwear.  It is designed to relieve foot, ankle, leg, and even low back pain by controlling  unstable foot joints or by relieving excessively stressed structures of the foot.  An orthotic (singular) or orthoses (plural) can range from basic off-the-shelf arch support to custom-made devices. 

A true custom-made foot orthotic device is made from raw materials and applied to a precise 3-dimensional positive model of the patients feet.  Materials used may vary depending on the condition treated.  The orthotic may be made from rigid, semi-rigid or soft thermoplastic materials.

Which conditions can orthoses help?

Orthoses can help several conditions such as bunions, calluses, plantar fasciitis (heel or arch pain), metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), interdigital neuroma, and problems related to high-arched or low –arched (flat feet)feet.  Orthotic devices may also be very effective at relieving pain in the knee, hip and lower back.

What should I bring to my first visit?

When you come for your first visit you should bring the following

  1. A health practitioner (MD or other) prescription for “custom-made foot orthoses” and the condition requiring pedorthic care.
  2. Insurance information including company name and healthcare benefits.
  3. Two pairs of shoes you have worn for some time and that you will likely wear with the orthoses.

When coming for the follow-up appointment and fitting of the orthoses, please bring the footwear to be worn with your orthoses.

Are Custom-Made Orthotic Devices covered by my Insurance Plan?

Most workplace healthcare benefits cover part of the cost of orthoses.  Other agencies that may cover the cost of orthoses include:  DVA (veterans affairs), WSIB, ODSP, RCMP, NIH, etc.)